Log Stores, Cardiff, 10/02/2014

Following on from our first log store order, we followed up with an existing customer that had previously registered and interest in purchasing a log store as and when we were producing them. After a brief session measuring up the space available, we set about making our second log store.

After lessons learnt from the first order, I changed the design in a few areas, I was happy with the results…. hopefully you agree….

Log store mk2 Delivered and installed

Apple Tree Pruning, Littleton Drew, 07/02/2014

Our customer had recently moved to a new house which had a beautiful and very old apple tree in its garden. The tree had clearly been well looked after through its life, but had recently gotten out of hand after being left alone for approximately 5 years.

We were asked to thin out the crown and to reduce some parts of the canopy that was extending too far towards the house. We did our best to thin out most of the unnecessary shoots that were overcrowding the established branches, while be careful to not be too heavy handed!

You can see from the photos that at the start of the day the crown was very busy and overcrowded, with many shoots growing back in towards the centre of the tree (undesirable). By the end of the day the crown is in much better shape, ready for the next seasons fruit

The customer asked if we could leave all arisings / brash to b

e used for kindling / firewood, so we trimmed and stacked everything neatly ready to be stored away for drying.

Start of the dayCrown thinningThinning completeWaste wood stacked and ready for drying













Giant Conifer Fell, Bath, 03/02/2014

Our customer’s house was set on the hill on the south side of Bath with beautiful views across the city…. not that you would know it as there was a giant conifer blocking the view and a lot of sun light from the garden!

With access to the rear garden limited it was decided that the waste wood would be burnt in small pieces as the job progressed, with whatever couldn’t be burnt to be taken away and disposed of.

As is often the case, the trees size and location meant that it had to be climbed and dismantled to ensure a safe fell, so we got to work early Monday morning and hammered away at it for four long days!

You can see our progress in the photos below, everything went very well, even if the weather was against us for most of it! The customer was thrilled with the end result, as were the neighbours whose gardens have also benefited.

It was a tough week, but another happy customer for Coedcae Services :-)

Tree Felling Start Bonfire Crown removal

Ready to start dismantlingBath, 03.02.14 - 5 Bath, 03.02.14 - 6

Ready to fell 1st one down2nd one down

Log Stores, Cardiff, 23/01/2014

When we formed Coedcae Services we always hoped to diversify the business into carpentry, furniture and just basically all things wood! Well it hasn’t taken us long, and shortly after purchasing our saw mill we had our first order for two log stores to be delivered to Cardiff (one of our firewood logs customers).

The beauty of this is we have now taken a standing tree, felled it, extracted it from the forest, processed it into planks and posts, cut to length and assembled it into a piece of furniture! There aren’t many people who can claim to be involved in the complete process like that :-)

Our first customer wanted a 5 foot wide and an 8 foot wide log store, each was 2 1/2 foot deep to allow logs to be stacked two tiers deep. You can see them installed to their garden, with the smaller of the two stores filled with logs ready to start drying :-)

Saw Mill 5 foot log store









 Log store filled with logs8 foot log store

Tree Felling, Bristol, 16/01/2014

We were called to come to Bristol as our customer had three trees at the end of their garden that they wanted looking at.

I have to apologise here as it was a very busy day and as such I didn’t get time to take as many photos as I would have liked…. and even the ones I did take were very poor (I’m no photographer!).

The two trees pictured were becoming a worry and were to be removed, and there was also an apple tree (out of shot) that they hoped to save, but closer inspection revealed it to be heavily diseased, so ended up being removed too.

There was not enough room to fell the trees conventionally, so each one was climbed and dismantled down to a safe height before felling the remaining trunk. The waste wood was then cut up and split for logs as the customer was shortly having a log burner fitted in their lounge.

Another successful days work, even if we did get thoroughly soaked in the process :-)

Tree Surgery Tree Climbing Tree Felling

Tree Pruning, Barry, Sully, 13/01/2014

After letting the tree get a little out of control over the last few years, our customer approached us to prune back some apple trees in his garden.

Winter is the perfect time to do this, so work began immediately.

The tree had clearly been pollarded in the past, and we did our best to fit these growth points in with our pruning.

The job went very well, and after removing some dead wood the tree is now in much better health ready for next year’s fruit.

Tree Pruning Start Thinning Out Prunning

Tree Felling, Porthcawl, Nottage, 18/12/2013

We were called in to take a look at this tree as it was beginning to overgrow the adjacent telegraph pole, and with the ivy growth over its main trunk the customer felt it was unsightly.

Further inspection of the tree highlighted what a poor state of health it was in, so it was good news we were called in when we were!

As you can see from the shot looking down on the stump, the tree was completely rotten from within, this continued up the full length of the trunk making the entire tree hollow!

We salvaged what we could from the tree, cutting the trunk into disks for the customer to burn on their log fire :-)

Another job well done, and another happy customer.

Tree Felling Start Crown Reduction









Rotten Trunk Tree Felled

Tree Surgery, Porthcawl, Newton, 09/12/2013

We were called in to investigate this tree as it was starting to seriously damage its supporting wall and the customer was concerned it may collapse, potentially causing serious damage to their home!

Due to the tree’s proximity to the customers conservatory and work studio the tree had to be climbed and dismantled, with each piece lowered to the ground with ropes and pulleys. A time consuming process, but the only option in this case!

The resulting wood was cut up, split and stacked so for the customer to burn as firewood.

All in all a very enjoyable job, a big thanks to Janet and Geoff, very accommodating customers :-)

Tree Surgery Start Tree Climbing Crown removed









Reduced to a pole Firewood Logs Splitting

Firewood Log Splitting, Cardiff, Cyncoed, 20/11/2013

Off the back of a recent flyer drop we were asked to split a large pile of wood into useful firewood logs.  Due to the size of the job we needed our larger hydraulic splitter and so we transported our Bobcat to Cardiff in order to complete the job.

All in all it ended up being somewhat of a mammoth task…. but we got there in the end!  As you can see in the photos the customer ended up with a substantial log pile (we estimate somewhere between £1000 and £1200 worth all told!), making the cost of the work for the customer pay for itself many times over!

Firewood Logs Cardiff Start Slow Progress







Getting There Firewood Logs Cardiff Finish