Firewood Logs

At Coedcae Services we pride ourselves on delivering the finest quality firewood logs, ensuring a good clean burn, delivered to your door at a time convenient to you!

We supply seasoned firewood logs, delivered in a rugged breathable canvas bag ensuring your wood stock remains neat and tidy as well as allowing the wood to continue to dry out.  Each bag holds approximately 1m3 of loose filled logs.

It is very important to ensure that the wood you burn has been seasoned correctly.  Freshly cut (green) wood can have a moisture content in excess of 50%, which will burn very poorly in your fire, not to mention increasing the risk of chimney fires due to the excess build up of creosote in your chimney / flue.  Over time the wood dries out, and once the moisture content reaches 20% or less the wood is considered seasoned and ready to burn.  All of our firewood logs are fully seasoned, generally we aim for less than 15% moisture content, so you can be sure that you will be burning the best possible wood for your fire.

Seasoned Softwood Firewood Logs

Firewood Logs

      • 1 bag – £60
      • 2 bags – £110
      • 3 bags – £150

Seasoned Hardwood Firewood Logs

      • 1 bag – £80
      • 2 bags – £150
      • 3 bags – £210

Kindling £5 / per bag (approximately 5kg)

Delivery Charges

      • Within 5 miles – FREE!
      • Up to 10 miles – £5
      • Over 10 miles – £10
      • Collection is welcomed, as is of course FREE!

We strive to deliver your logs to your exact desired location, or as close as possible, there is also a log stacking service available for a small surcharge (usually £10, although circumstances do vary).

In the interest in reducing our environmental impact you will receive a £5 discount on your next firewood order for each bag returned in a usable condition!

Responsibly Sourced Firewood Logs

We are proud to offer a truly responsible and conscientious choice in the firewood logs industry!  Click HERE to read more about how and where Coedcae Services sources its firewood logs.