Tree Felling, Camarthen, 04/04/2014

We were called out to remove a very large oak tree at the end of our customer’s driveway. After the tree lost a few limbs in the recent high winds our customer no longer felt safe leaving their car on their driveway, not to mention the worry of the tree coming down on the house!

It was a big undertaking, but due to other commitments we had to bring this all down in one day! So it was a long hard slog! Due to the fact the tree overhung several gardens it had to be dismantled almost entirely before felling the remaining trunk.

The photos show our progress pretty well, and you even get to see me relaxing at one point! All in all a great (if tiring) day, and another happy customer for Coedcae Services :-)

Start of the day Tree Surgery Camarthen Tree Felling Camarthen Tree Services Camarthen Job done!

Tree Felling, Bridgend, 03/04/2014

We were called out to this landlord owned property in order to remove the large plum tree that was now swamping the front of the house.

As you can see it was severely blocking light to many of the windows, the before and after photos speak for themselves!

The tree was brought down with a conventional fell, and all waste wood was taken away.

Start of the day Tree Felling Bridgend Tree Surgery Bridgend Job complete

Tree Felling, Cirencester, 31/03/2014

We were called out to a customer in Cirencester to deal with a tree that had begun to lean heavily following heavy rainfall and high winds. The tree had begun to uproot itself, lifting sections of earth within our customer’s garden and damaging the boundary wall.

With the neighbouring land owner’s permission the tree was able to be felled so we got cracking! With a heavy lean in the direction of fell it was a straight forward job, with most of the work going to cut up and remove the waste.

The work was completed so quickly that we were asked to prune a laurel tree too, photos show the crown reduction and light thinning work.

Tree Felling Start Tree Felling Complete









Tree Pruning Start Tree Pruning Complete

Tree Felling, Barry, 17/03/2014

Only a small job today….

Our customer wanted a small conifer tree removed from their garden. As space allowed we felled the tree from the ground, removed the waste, cutting logs out of what useful timber there was.

All told it took about two hours, the customer was happy and a relatively easy day for us :-)

Tree Felling Barry Tree Surgery Barry Tree Services Barry

Tree Felling, Tonypandy, 14/03/2014

Our customer was due to move into his new house shortly, but before doing so he wanted to remove to problem trees that his housing survey had highlighted as risks.

The two conifer trees were starting to lean quite heavily and their roots were beginning to damage the foundations of the adjacent garage. The customer had ample space, time and ability to deal with all the waste wood so we were tasked purely with bringing the trees down to ground safely.

Both trees were climbed and dismantled to the point at which they could be felled safely at which point we cut the stumps flush with the floor and called it a day :-)

The customer was thrilled with the result as not only was the risk of damage to his new home averted, but the waste wood was to be burnt to keep his garage warm next winter with the smaller brash being chipped for use on footpaths at his stables.

Tree Felling Tonypandy Tree Surgery Tonypandy









Tree Services Tonypandy

Trees now safe, job done!

Tree Services, Bridgend, Brackla, 11/03/2014

This over sized Ash tree was growing right next to our customer’s house and as with many of our recent customers, the recent high winds had made him decide to have the tree removed.

The tree lent itself to climbing which made the job reasonably straight forward if a little time consuming! There is always more brash and arisings than you think there will be!

As you can see from the final photo, it was a long two days, working well into darkness on the final day!

All of the usable wood is now split and seasoning ready for our logs sales next winter :-)

Tree Services Bridged Tree Surgery Bridgend Tree Felling Bridgend









Tree Surgeons BridgendJob Complete


Tree Surgery, Porthcawl, Nottage, 26/02/2014

Having recently moved into the house, and with summer fast approaching, our customer wanted the trees at the end of her garden sorted out to allow her to better enjoy the sunshine.

After a thorough consultation it was decided that we would fell the small Chesnutt cluster in the foreground, and fell the left trunk of the Ash trees behind, leaving the healthiest tree still standing.

The Chesnutt trees were small enough to allow us to fell them conventionally, but as the Ash tree hung over next door’s garden it had to be climbed and dismantled partially first.

Additionally we removed and old conifer tree stump near the back wall and pruned an Apple tree nearer the house, removing dead wood and the less desirable branches and shoots.

The finished result was superb, and the customer couldn’t have been happier! This was hands down the most enjoyable job of the year so far, helped in no small part by our first bit of perfect weather…. reminding me why I chose to work outdoors again….

Tree Surgery Porthcawl Tree Felling Porthcawl Tree Climbing Porthcawl









Tree Surgery Porthcawl Tree Pruning Porthcawl Tree Pruning Complete

Storm Damaged Eucalyptus Tree, Cardiff, 20/02/2014

After the recent storms and high winds seen across much of the UK it is unsurprising that much of our recent work has been dealing with the fallout….

We were called in to remove a storm damaged Eucalyptus tree from a house in Cardiff. Prior to the high winds the tree had been standing vertically and now had a substantial lean, which can seen in the photos (despite my poor workmanship with the camera once again!). The tree’s trunk was actually fine, but due to the heavily saturate ground the root ball had started to lift / rotate meaning it now leaned heavily into next door’s garden!

The tree was dismantled to a safe working height, at which point the remainder of the tree was felled into the garden. All brash was taken away and our customer was left feeling a lot happier that she had avoided any potential harm or damage to her own or her neighbour’s property!

Dangerous Tree Cardiff Slicing Trunk Tree Safely Felled

Tree Felling, Miskin, 12/02/2014

With the high winds we have been having, our customer had stopped using their driveway for fear of damage to their cars!

After talking through the options it was decided that the best course of action would be to fell both trees to make the area safe. We used a winch system to ensure both trees were felled safely and in a controlled manner.

Once down, the trees were cut up and removed leaving the area totally clear, and more importantly, safe, another job well done :-).

Start of day 1st tree felled 2nd tree felled










Cut up and ready to remove

All clear