Reponsibly Sourced Wood

As part of our continued efforts to ensure that the wood we sell is of the highest quality and offers our customers a truly environmentally sound fuel choice Coedcae Services secured the permission to fell and replant a substantial forest in the Blaengarw valley.  This forest is a mere 10 miles from our business site meaning the transportation distance, and therefore the effective carbon footprint of our firewood is drastically reduced in comparison with many of our competitors.

Furthermore, by being the sole company involved in taking the wood from the forest to your fireplace we can afford to offer our firewood at unbeatable low prices.  We do this by avoiding a “middle man mark up” that the majority of companies that only process felled wood have to pass on to their customers!

Finally, making it a trio of benefits using Coedcae Services as your firewood supplier, we have committed to replanting the forest to ensure the sustainability of our firewood.  This means our customers can relax in front of their fire, safe in the knowledge that they have truly made the right choice in firewood.