Storm Damaged Eucalyptus Tree, Cardiff, 20/02/2014

After the recent storms and high winds seen across much of the UK it is unsurprising that much of our recent work has been dealing with the fallout….

We were called in to remove a storm damaged Eucalyptus tree from a house in Cardiff. Prior to the high winds the tree had been standing vertically and now had a substantial lean, which can seen in the photos (despite my poor workmanship with the camera once again!). The tree’s trunk was actually fine, but due to the heavily saturate ground the root ball had started to lift / rotate meaning it now leaned heavily into next door’s garden!

The tree was dismantled to a safe working height, at which point the remainder of the tree was felled into the garden. All brash was taken away and our customer was left feeling a lot happier that she had avoided any potential harm or damage to her own or her neighbour’s property!

Dangerous Tree Cardiff Slicing Trunk Tree Safely Felled