Tree Felling, Tonypandy, 14/03/2014

Our customer was due to move into his new house shortly, but before doing so he wanted to remove to problem trees that his housing survey had highlighted as risks.

The two conifer trees were starting to lean quite heavily and their roots were beginning to damage the foundations of the adjacent garage. The customer had ample space, time and ability to deal with all the waste wood so we were tasked purely with bringing the trees down to ground safely.

Both trees were climbed and dismantled to the point at which they could be felled safely at which point we cut the stumps flush with the floor and called it a day :-)

The customer was thrilled with the result as not only was the risk of damage to his new home averted, but the waste wood was to be burnt to keep his garage warm next winter with the smaller brash being chipped for use on footpaths at his stables.

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Trees now safe, job done!