Tree Surgery, Porthcawl, Nottage, 26/02/2014

Having recently moved into the house, and with summer fast approaching, our customer wanted the trees at the end of her garden sorted out to allow her to better enjoy the sunshine.

After a thorough consultation it was decided that we would fell the small Chesnutt cluster in the foreground, and fell the left trunk of the Ash trees behind, leaving the healthiest tree still standing.

The Chesnutt trees were small enough to allow us to fell them conventionally, but as the Ash tree hung over next door’s garden it had to be climbed and dismantled partially first.

Additionally we removed and old conifer tree stump near the back wall and pruned an Apple tree nearer the house, removing dead wood and the less desirable branches and shoots.

The finished result was superb, and the customer couldn’t have been happier! This was hands down the most enjoyable job of the year so far, helped in no small part by our first bit of perfect weather…. reminding me why I chose to work outdoors again….

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